• November 25th: planners, journals, & books
  • December 5th: framed art prints 
  • December 7th: unframed art prints 
  • December 8th: gift wrap 
  • December 9th: wall calendars, trays, blankets, ornaments, towels, tea towels, puzzles, stickers, stationery, mugs, tumblers, phone cases, and sweatshirts
  • December 18th: original art

Please note that this are estimations and unfortunately we cannot guarantee holiday delivery. Additionally, your order may still arrive in time should you order past the above timeframe. 


12/8 UPDATE: 

Thank you for your support and patience this year! 

We are doing our best to get your order printed and shipped out as soon as possible.

While FedEx and USPS tracking numbers used to show activity within 24 hours, we’re now often seeing that delay to be up to several days. In some cases we have hit a daily limit, in others the package is simply talking longer to pass through the shippers network. Tracking is expected to show progress upon a package being received at a distribution center (typically 24-48+ hours after pickup). We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. 

While we always welcome inquiries about existing orders, know that in many cases, we will not be able to provide accurate updates about your packages or expected delivery dates one they have been handed over to our shipping partners. You can email evelyn@evelynhenson.com if you need help with anything. Happy to help and address any of your concerns!