While we recommend ordering as soon as possible, below are suggested holiday deadlines. 

  • November 23rd: framed original art
  • November 25th: planners, journals, books, & framed art prints
  • December 6th: wall calendars, trays, blankets, ornaments, towels, tea towels, puzzles, stickers, stationery, mugs, tumblers, & phone cases, sweatshirts
  • December 12th: unframed art prints 


12/14 UPDATE: 

Thank you for your support and patience this year! 

Please note that shipping volume has increased dramatically In the last quarter: daily package volume at FedEx increased from 8.8 million to 11.6 million, an increase of 31%. Express shipments grew even faster at nearly 150%. This quarter, the volume increase - and the strain on the system - is even more dramatic.

Speaking to the increase in volume over the summer, FedEx President & COO Raj Subramaniam commented that “the growth that we expected to see over a period of three to five years happened in a period of three to five months.”

In order to meet that demand, FedEx hired 70,000 seasonal employees, but has not been able to increase the operational capacity of their network as fast. The same challenges are facing USPS and UPS. The symptoms we’re seeing across all shippers are limits on package pickup volume, increased charges to ship, and longer transit times despite any action we might take.

Everything is affected - and affecting everything else. Last year online grocery delivery volume went up 10% the week of thanksgiving. This year it went up 560%. Some are calling it Shipageddon as COVID vaccines are expected to further delay packages in the coming weeks.

It’s not a question of size - we’re all affected. Even companies as large as Nike and Gap have limits placed on them by UPS causing package pickup to be delayed.

What does this mean for your orders?

While FedEx and USPS tracking numbers used to show activity within 24 hours, we’re now often seeing that delay to be up to several days. In some cases we have hit a daily limit, in others the package is simply talking longer to pass through the shippers network. Tracking is expected to show progress upon a package being received at a distribution center (typically 24-48+ hours after pickup). We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. 

Is there anything I can do?

Everyone knew that shipping would be unexpectedly delayed this year, and for that reason I set our deadlines earlier than ever. Additionally all printing and fulfillment teams are working nights and weekends to update tracking, check on packages, and upgrade shipping where required.

Know that all printing partners are focused on getting deadline orders to you by Christmas. We ask for your patience when you invariably see packages taking longer than expected and/or tracking numbers not updating quickly.

We view a pre-Christmas delivery as a win, and one delivered later as a loss. Any delay that still gets your order to you by Christmas is an unfortunate byproduct of the impact of COVID and the new environment we’re in.

While we always welcome inquiries about existing orders, know that in many cases, we will not be able to provide accurate updates about your packages or expected delivery dates one they have been handed over to our shipping partners. You can email evelyn@evelynhenson.com if you need help with anything. Happy to help and address any of your concerns.