EH wallpapers are printed to order by the yard on durable, high performance, FSC certified clay coated paper in the USA. Because wallpaper is printed untrimmed, it requires professional installation. 

We can also custom print grasscloth and peel and stick for you upon request. Reach out here for more information.



If working with a professional, your wallpaper installer will be able to advise on how many yards you need. They'll typically ask for the dimensions of your space, the width of the wallpaper (27" once trimmed), and the wallpaper print's repeat (listed in each product description). 

You can use this calculator as a general estimation of many yards your space requires. However, it is strongly recommended that you consult a professional installer before purchasing. EH is unable to provide firm yardage quotes and final responsibility rests in the hands of the client.



After determining how many yards you need, you are ready to place your order! Please note we recommend padding your order with 10-20% or more than the space requires as slight color variations may occur between orders.

Your wallpaper will arrive within 2-3 weeks. 



Upon receipt, please inspect your paper for any defects prior to installation. No claims will be honored after merchandise has been cut or hung. 

Please note that all wallpaper sales are final and EH is not responsible for errors that may occur during installation.



Please double check that the walls you are applying your paper to are smooth, clean, and dust free. If necessary, remove all old wallpaper and repair damaged areas.

For the best possible results, we recommend applying a mold inhibiting primer prior to installation.



To trim the paper, refer to join marks on paper edge for a pattern match. Use trim marks provided to trim selvedge from edges of paper. 

To install, use a paint roller to apply a clear paste generously to the back, moving smoothly edge to edge and covering completely. Book the paper by gently folding the pasted ends together without creasing so the backs touch. Allow the paper to rest for 5 minutes.

You can use a level or laser to draw a straight edge onto the wall as a guide for lining up the first panel. Gently position and smooth the paper onto the wall. You can then use a smoothing brush to remove all air pockets, wrinkles and excess paste as you go. Align the next panel and continue to repeat this process until your paper covers your space.