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In case you missed my instagram announcement, I am over the moon to share that my first collection of EH FABRICS will be available August 29th.  

I have been working towards this dream since launching my wallpaper collection last year. I always knew I wanted to do fabric next, but I was never sure when the pieces would fall into place. From finding the right manufacturer, to determining what ground to use, to getting the colors right and so much more, I have been hard at work at this new venture behind the scenes. It's been so rewarding to finally see my art come to life in fabric form. 

Designed to coordinate with the EH wallpaper collection, each fabric features the same prints developed from my original watercolors. Through a partnership with a South Carolina based textile printing company, each fabric is produced to order in the USA on a cotton linen ground. Should you want a different material (cotton twill, performance, or whatever fabric you're dreaming of) or color edit, please email so we can do our best to make that happen for you. I hope these fill your homes with sunshine for years to come. 

I recommend ordering a sample swatch to get a feel for the colors prior to ordering yardage. If you need help measuring how much fabric you need from there, this article gives great, detailed advice.

Me and the fabrics hope to see you August 29th! XX



Photos by LCB Style Photography