1. Can you make a print of_________ (insert city)?

Due to the large number of inquiries received, city prints cannot be made on a case by case basis. The best way to get a print in your hands is to have a retailer in your area contact about wholesale


2. I'd love a custom ________! Can you help? 

Thanks so much for your interest! Unfortunately, I am not creating custom work at this time. 


3.  Do you offer your prints in any additional sizes

Prints are only available as 8x10, 11x14, and 16x20 and we are not accommodating specific size requests at this time.  


4. Do you still sell __________(insert item)? 

Thank you for your interest! If it's not available at evelynhenson.com, it's no longer for sale.


5. This is a gift! Can you exclude pricing and send a gift note with my order? 

While we are unable to add gift notes at this time, pricing information is always excluded from order receipts, so your recipient will not see the price. Additionally, you can opt to "send as a gift" at checkout so your recipient can get an email notification that a gift is on the way. 


7. Where do you get your frames?! Do  you sell this (insert request) one?! 

We work with a framer to have art prints professionally framed, and you can choose this option at check-out if you're interested. You can also view Evelyn's favorite frame resources here for additional options.