This is a gift! Can you exclude pricing and send a gift note with my order? 

While we are unable to add gift notes at this time, pricing information is always excluded from order receipts, so your recipient will not see the price. 


My tracking information has not updated! Is my order lost? 

So sorry your order has not arrived yet and that the tracking is not showing up to date information. This isn't unusual and your order is most likely still on the way, but if 10 business days have gone by without an update, email evelyn@evelynhenson.com for assistance. 


My order shows as delivered but I have not received anything. 

This is common so don't worry just yet! If you have not received your order 72 business hours after your tracking shows as delivered, please reach out to evelyn@evelynhenson.com for assistance. 


I received part of my order, but not all of it!

Items are sometimes shipped separately and you will receive multiple shipment emails if that's the case. You can check your order status here if you have an account. 



Can you make a map print of_________?

Thank you for your interest! Due to the overwhelming number of inquiries received, prints cannot be made on a case by case basis. However, you can nominate a place here


I'd love a custom ________! Can you help? 

If you're looking to commission an original painting, email a description of what you are looking for to evelyn@evelynhenson.com for more information. 


 Do you still sell __________(insert item)? 

Thank you for your interest! If it's not available at evelynhenson.com, it's no longer for sale.


Can I purchase a digital file? 

No--digital files are not available at this time. 


Can I order a custom size? 

Absolutely! Email the print and desired size (no smaller than 8x10) to evelyn@evelynhenson.com for a consult and custom invoice. 


What will the art measure after it is framed? 

Mats measure 1.5 in on each side, which adds about 3 in to each side. For example: 

For a 11x14 print, it will measure about 14x17 once matted and framed

For a 12x12 print, it will measure about 15x15 once matted and framed

For a 16x20 print, it will measure about 19x23 once matted and framed

For an 18x24 print, it will measure about 21x27 once matted and framed


Can the wallpaper be removed? 

Though time and environmental factors can affect the ease of the removal process, the peel + stick wallpaper style is designed to be removed with minimal damage. Please proceed with caution if you will need to remove it at some point. EH is not responsible for any damages caused by the removal. 


Can wallpaper be printed in a custom color to better match my room? 

It depends on the wallpaper, but we are often able and happy to make color edits as needed. There is a 3 yard minimum for all custom orders. Email evelyn@evelynhenson.com for info. 



Do you offer wholesale accounts for retailers? 

Yes! Click here to apply for an account.


I'm a designer. Can I set up a trade account?

Would be happy to work with you. Please apply here. 


Do you collaborate with brands? 

I love to! Email your project and budget to evelyn@evelynhenson.com to receive more information. You can view a portfolio of past work here. 


What art materials do you work with? 

So happy to hear you want to get into art and paint! There's an entire blog post for you here that talks all about favorite paints, brushes, etc! 


I want to sell my art. Do you have any advice? 
I wrote a blog post here that I hope will be helpful.