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 Happy February yall! To be honest, February is typically my least favorite month of the year because of how cold and dark it can get, so I am hoping this to do list makes it a little bit brighter! 


1. Eat ice cream for breakfast for National Ice cream for Breakfast Day on Feb 3rd! If you've been following me for awhile, you know I LOVE ice cream (Talenti sea salt caramel gelato is my personal favorite) so this will be an easy one for me to celebrate. If I were you, I'd use fill up a favorite mug with a few different flavors. My favorite combination is Talenti's double dark chocolate and sea salt caramel with a few chunks of homemade edible cookie dough for good measure. 

2. Send a card to a friend on February 7th for "send a card to a friend" day! There are some really cute Valentine's Day cards you can go ahead and stock up on for that here. 

3. February 9th is national pizza day! If you love this holiday more than your own birthday, you're definitely going to want to celebrate with this and especially this.  

4. Send someone (or you know, maybe just yourself) flowers and candy in honor of Valentine's Day! 

5. It's national craft month! Celebrate with a crafty girls night. Try one of my painting tutorials here and check out this list of ideas for more inspiration! 

6. "Love your pet day" is February 20th! I'll be giving Rocky Henson extra hugs today to celebrate :) 

7. Cheers to national margarita day on February 22nd! Call some of your best friends and celebrate over extra guac and queso too. 

8. February also happens to be National Chocolate Lovers' month (I know, I know, I thought that was every month too...)! Consider this an excuse to buy extra chocolate. I'm a recent fan on desserts in a mug and will be making this chocolate cake in a mug at least once a week! 

9. Floral design day is February 28th! Take notes on these floral arranging tips, head to a local flower shop, and start creating arrangements to give and keep. If it's not your thing, maybe just send some flower arrangements through Bouqs




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