Behind the Scenes: Painting the Angel Series

angel watercolor print


There are certain subjects that live in the back of my mind as things I want to paint but am not quite sure how I want to paint them yet. Angels have always been at the top of that list. Would I want to paint them very human and realistic? Or abstracted? How could I make them different than everything else on the market? How can I make them really exciting, thoughtful, special, and whimsical? I was never sure. 

With art, I find everything is always building off the thing before and I see that to be very true with the Angels, which built off all the work I completed in 2023. Last Spring I launched the chinoiserie prints and began playing with florals in a different way. I also more intentionally painted patterns since launching my wallpaper and textiles collection. And when Christmas rolled around, I started thinking about angels again. Prior to 2023, I could only see them dressed in white against solid backgrounds; pretty, but it just felt like it was already being done.

With chinoiserie and patterns at the top of my mind though, I felt inspired to paint some Angels into the Chinoiserie botanical world. From there, I started playing around with patterned dresses which soon became borders. The scenes started to feel fun and special. It felt like I was reminding myself of how Angels look after us and protect us here on Earth; here with us always. As I painted, I thought about angels being among us, and how a lot of people who experience loss see and feel connected to their loved ones through various imagery, like butterflies or rainbows. All of a sudden there was a treasure trove of symbols I wanted to include! I had instagram messages about ginko leaves, ladybugs, dragonflys, herons, cardinals, roses, and more wonderful things. The angels had such a strong purpose all of a sudden---art that could remind you of those who had been and continue to be angels to you. I've never painted so much, so quickly, and I'm so appreciative of everyone who flooded my inbox with thoughts and inspiration. 

So, I truly could not be more thrilled to OFFICIALLY introduce the Angels Series: my new meticulously painted watercolor collection that exemplifies all the ways we're reminded of and comforted by angels here on Earth. Whether you feel connected to your loved ones through cardinals, butterflies, seashells, herons, florals, or other earthly delights, each work is filled with symbols meant to remind you of how they continue to look over you and cover you with love. Inspired by antique illuminated manuscripts and modern color palettes, the timeless elegance of these pieces ensures they become cherished family heirlooms for years to come. 

Each print in the series is named to "gift" you with extra encouragement and inspire you to fill your day with the values represented by your art.  There are watercolor Angel originals, Angel prints, and a few acrylic verse blocks too.
You can explore all the new Angel works here! I hope you find one that you connect to.
Thanks for being here! XX