EHappiness with Lea Burton of Lea Honour Interiors

Flower Hunting is my Cardio (10x10 in gold frame) styled by Lea Honour Interiors


EHappiness with Lea Honour Interiors

Tell us about yourself. Where are you from and how did you end up in the interior design space?
Hi, I'm Lea! I'm from Asheville, North Carolina and now live in Charleston, SC and absolutely love it! I am no longer blogging but I started my Instagram in January of 2019 as a creative outlet while I was working as a Junior Designer at a design firm in Washington, DC. When I moved to Charleston in May of 2020 I decided to take the leap and start my own design firm, Lea Honour Interiors. It was always my goal and plan to do so, so I feel very grateful that I've been able to follow my dreams! So thankful for all my clients thus far. 
This series was inspired by what I call "EHappy moments:" the little things in our everyday worth celebrating like the feeling of clean sheets or a long walk in the sunshine. What are some of your favorite EHappy moments? 
Early morning walks on the beach, al fresco dining on a nice evening, and the perfect Aperol Spritz. 
Fill in the blank: start each day with a grateful heart and finish it with a _____________! 
A glass of wine! JK, a peaceful mind. I always try to end the day feeling positive and content with my day. Obviously, it doesn't always happen but I have a wandering mind so making a conscious effort to have mindful thoughts to end the day is always helpful. 
Your dream dinner party guests: 
Oh gosh, so many! But to narrow it down I would pick three women who I think are inspiring and fascinating that I would love to chat with. Gen Sohr (Pencil & Paper Co.), India Hicks, and Ariel Okin. 
Last show you watched or book you read that you loved:
I've been horrible about reading recently but I always love the Elin Hilderbrand books for fun Summer reads! 
Next adventure on your bucket list: 
I'm just itching to travel anywhere! Hoping to make it to Europe in the next year (I've never been!) and domestically I'm dreaming of a trip to Nantucket! 
Words to live by: 
"Be happy with what you have while working for what you want" - Helen Keller. I think it's so easy to get caught up in wanting more and looking at the future that we forget to appreciate where we are and enjoy the day to day. 
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