New: Butterfly Series


There’s nothing like the magic of Spring! Butterflies in particular have enchanted me since I chased them in the yard at age five with a net and have remained a constant source of inspiration in my work. To study them more closely, I recently picked up two botanical books that introduced me to the whimsical maidenhair fern. Painting their lush greenery reminded me of the butterfly centers and botanical gardens I visited as a kid—


Pictured: me, my brother Kenny, and sister Jackie | Callaway Gardens, GA


I quickly began imagining butterflies fluttering amongst the ferns from there and fell in love with the juxtaposition of the two together. The pairing felt chic and filled with a timeless joy that made me feel like I was back in a butterfly center just hoping one might land on my shoulder.


The original works are collaged to give the wings a three-dimensional element; like they’re flying off the page! In addition to the original works, I created 4 art prints and two new wallpapers as part of the series.


Explore the series here!


I hope these fill your homes with the magic of a butterfly filled Spring.