Meeting Reese Witherspoon

Evelyn Henson and Reese Witherspoon |

Evelyn Henson

Evelyn Henson


When Reese Witherspoon announced she would be coming to Charlotte, NC for her Whiskey in a Teacup Book Tour, I about fell out of my chair. 

Legally Blonde hit theaters when I was in 6th grade and Elle Woods was e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g to me. I literally walked out of that movie and thought to myself "should I go to law school?" Because I kind of felt like I was Elle Woods: blonde, way too obsessed with the color pink (no seriously ALL my study guides were pink), but also smart. I didn't go to law school, but isn't it kind of crazy Elle Woods made me believe in myself enough to where I even thought of that as a possibility? I think a lot of women feel that way about the character of Elle Woods. Anyway, I watched that movie repeatedly, memorized the snap cup song from Legally Blonde II, went to the musical, and also had the Elle Woods Barbie and a 18x24 poster in my room. So, yeah, I liked that movie the average amount ;) 

Sweet Home Alabama, Walk the LineWater For Elephants, Wild, Big Little Lies, etc are all amazing as well, but Elle Woods is obviously my favorite. Between Draper James and all her Hello Sunshine projects (my book club reads so many of her book suggestions), I'm such a fan of all the sunshine she puts out into the world----it's the kind of sunshine that continually inspires my art and the kind that I want to put out into the world too.

Not only do I admire her immensely, but she also shared my art on her instagram, TWICE (see here and here). She doesn't know who I am, but she was so kind to share and to credit me! Since some of my confidence came from Elle Woods, it felt like a full circle moment to go get to thank her in person. 

Happy weekend---I hope it's as filled with as much sunshine as this week had for me! XX