EHappiness with Liz Eichholz from Weezie Towels

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EHappiness with Liz Eichholz from Weezie Towels

Tell us about yourself. Where are you from and how did you end up in the retail space?

I grew up in Austin, TX and attended the University of Georgia for college where I studied Graphic Design. Directly after college I moved to NYC with my now husband–it was the most magical time! We got married and about 5 years ago, we moved back to his hometown of Savannah, GA and I founded Weezie with my close friend Lindsey. I was inspired by my lack-luster experience registering for bath towels. I felt like there was a hole in the market for a luxury towel company that made purchasing high-quality towels easy, straight forward, and enjoyable (with fast embroidery lead times)! Somewhere along the way I also had two daughters and we live in happy chaos! :)

This series was inspired by what I call "EHappy moments:" the little things in our everyday worth celebrating like the feeling of clean sheets or a long walk in the sunshine. What are some of your favorite EHappy moments?

I love EHappy moments! We have so many EHappy moments with our girls - right now our 1 year old loves to give running hugs and those are hard to beat. Outside of family moments, it may be cliche, but a bubble bath, a nice candle, a glass of red wine, closed out with fresh towels (of course) is my favorite EHappy moment.   

Fill in the blank: start each day with a grateful heart and finish it with a: 

Soft robe ;) 

Your dream dinner party guests: 

Both of my late grandmas, Reese WItherspoon, and Heather McMahan for the laughs!

Last show you watched or book you read that you loved: 

White Lotus on HBO and Obsessed (a great book about branding) by Emily Heyward

Next adventure on your bucket list: 

We're starting in Paris and ending at a friend's wedding in London! Cannot wait. 

Words to live by:

The harder you work, the luckier you get! - my dad :)


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Shop Liz's pick "Petal to the Metal" here!