Collab News: My Rug with Milagro Collective


Evelyn Henson


I don't think I ever shared this anywhere, but in 2021 I bought a home and was able to move my art studio into an extra room here. I worked out of a spare room in my parents' house for my "first year as an artist" before moving out and somehow making my small 1 BR apartments work for a few years. The latter was challenging because my work was literally pouring into my personal space (my paints and art took over my living area), so I started renting office space for a few years when that got to be too much. While those were all great experiences, I've really loved having my studio here! And, as a homeowner, it's been fun getting to style my artwork in different rooms--especially my new wallpaper line (you can read about my peel & stick bathroom installation here). 

One thing I've been eying since getting settled is a colorful oushak rug as a fun way to celebrate and always remember my first home. I've only ever bought cheap jute rugs that usually have a short life span, and I kept thinking how FUN it would be to have one I could keep forever. For the last year, I have texted my sister Nell 50+ different rugs for her stamp of approval, only to get continually vetoed. The rug stars finally aligned when I connected with Bridget from Milagro Collective


We decided to collaborate on a design and that is how our "Henson" rug came to be! I sent Bridget this rough sketch and mood board as a starting place, and she created some CADs from there. We wanted to design a somewhat traditional oushak rug with a bright color palette and fun details like floral elements inspired by my art. Once we finalized the CAD, the rug was woven with 100% natural wool within a few months. Learn more about Milagro's process here.

I am very excited about this new addition to my home and know I will cherish it for years to come. It feels so special to have been part of the design process and that it was made in partnership with a fellow Southern, female owned small business. Thank you so much Bridget for including me in your wonderful rug world!

You can shop our rug THE HENSON here.