Personalized Cat Ornament


For the girl who's always feline fabulous during the holidays, this ornament is for you. Choose from 50+ cat illustrations, add a caption, and create an ornament that makes you almost as happy as your favorite cat does. Not kitten--see below for order details..

  • How to Order

Choose one cat from the list of numbered illustrations and type the cat number in the "number" text box. You can then add text customization to the "text box" if you'd like any text printed below. If you'd like no text, please type "no text." All text customization will be printed with Evelyn's exclusive, block lettered font on the background of your choosing: pink, turquoise, lime green, or navy. 

Please note that I am not creating additional cat illustrations for this product at this time. 

  • Details

Eco-friendly 100% post-consumer recycled aluminum from ChromaLuxe

Each measures 4x4 in.

Includes a white ribbon