Custom Commission | House Watercolor


This listing includes an unframed, original painting that will be completed on watercolor paper.   


With almost a decade of professional experience, I strive to paint pieces that will fill your home with sunshine for years to come. My fanbase includes, Southern Living Magazine, & Glamour Magazine (see more here). My client list includes La Croix, NBC, & Staples (see more here).  


1. Evelyn will collect information from you about the subject, what color palettes you prefer, etc. 

2. Next, Evelyn will sketch the image digitally and email you a photo for feedback. You are welcome to make as many edits as you would like, but please note each edit will add an additional 2-5 business days to the timeline. 

3. From there, Evelyn will paint the finished piece. You will receive a photo of the piece via email for final approval before it is shipped to you. 


2-4 weeks. 

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