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Happy September, friends! Start celebrating all things Fall with the latest to do list below. If you're new to the EH world, we put together monthly lists to help you lead a more brightly decorated life, where we celebrate the little things and spark fun wherever we go! It's the ultimate guide to living life to the FUNNEST! 
  1. Go to a football game (or at least tailgate)! : Lets throw a tailgate party! Celebrate your favorite team with these perfect tailgate munchies! Don't forget dessert
  2. Find a new favorite coffee shop to frequent in the fall!: Who has the best pumpkin spice latte in town?!
  3. Spend a day by the water with a good book!: A good book doesn't have to be new! Re-read some of these classic books by the water!
  4. Organize a weekend hike with your besties!: Celebrate peak leaf season by finding the most brightly decorated tree!
  5. Bake treats for a friend for no reason!: Fall means pumpkin everything! Try out this yummy chocolate chip pumpkin bread!
  6. Make s'mores (with extra marshmallows!) by the fire!: Bundle up by a fire with your besties and snack on our favorite sweet treat of fall!


Have a wonderful month! If you cross anything off this BDL to do list, be sure to share by tagging @evelyn_henson on instagram and/or by using the #brightlydecoratedlife hashtag! XX

August 31, 2017 — Evelyn Assistant
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