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Happy August, friends! Keep celebrating all things Summer with the latest to do list below. If you're new to the EH world, we put together monthly lists to help you lead a more brightly decorated life, where we celebrate the little things and spark fun wherever we go! It's the ultimate guide to living life to the FUNNEST! 
  1. Make waffles with your besties on National Waffle Day!: Mark your calendars for National Waffle Day on August 24th! Grab your besties and make a fun waffle bar! The possibilities and toppings are endless!
  2. Throw a party just because!: Who says you need a holiday to throw a party!? Celebrate the little victories ! 
  3. Frame your best summer memories from Instagram!: Did you visit a fun city this summer? Hang it on your wall with my map prints!
  4. Learn to cook a lobster (and it that fails then just eat one!): We found this recipe that guarantees a perfect lobster! But lets face it! Cooking is hard and take out is easy! 
  5. Eat lots and lots of watermelon! Especially on National Watermelon Day!: August 3rd is National Watermelon Day! Celebrate with these fun watermelon treats or these sweet drinks
  6. Make a racket on the tennis court with a bestie!: Winner buys the ice cream!! 


Have a wonderful month! If you cross anything off this BDL to do list, be sure to share by tagging @evelyn_henson on instagram and/or by using the #brightlydecoratedlife hashtag! XX

July 28, 2017 by Evelyn Assistant

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