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Quiz: What Kind of Coffee are You?! 

1. Which of the following best fits your life mantra? 

A. "Focus on what matters"

B. "Celebrate the little things"

C. "Kindness is free" 

D. "Good things come to those who hustle" 

2. If you could be a guest on any reality TV show, it would be...

A. Shark Tank

B. The Hills (or anything where you could be BFFs with Lauren Conrad and Co.) 

C. Anything on Food Network

D. Survivor

3. Mani/pedi time! You ask for...

A. A french manicure for something simple and low maintenance.

B. A trendy Fall hue that compliments your wardrobe.

C. A classic and dependable shade of red.

D. Gel nails because they last the longest and you don't have time for chips! 

4. Which TV character do you most relate with? 

A. Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl: you don't put up with stupidity and always put your best foot forward. 

B. Mindy from The Mindy Project: you're fun, fashionable, and always know the latest trends. 

C. Charlotte from Sex and the City: brunch with your BFFs is usually the highlight of your week!

D. Olivia Pope from Scandal: you specialize in crisis management for all your BFFs and are never intimidated by a challenge. 

5. If you could snap your fingers and be anywhere, you'd....

A. Breathe in the fresh mountainous air at Big Sky, Montana

B. Pop bubbly off the Eiffel Tower 

C. Call your BFF and set sail towards your favorite beach 

D. Grab your passport and hop on the most wild African Safari 

6. Your favorite part of Fall is....

A. The cooler weather (perfect for enjoying hot beverages) 

B. Halloween parties (any excuse to wear a costume!) 

C. Football Tailgates (good food with good people) 

D. Haunted Houses (anything for an adrenaline rush) 

7. When it comes to ice cream, you prefer

A. Vanilla 

B. Cookie Dough

C. Mint Chocolate Chip 

D. Dark Chocolate 

8. On Pinterest, you're most likely to pin..

A. Life hacks 

B. Fashion inspiration

C. Cute puppy photos

D. Bucket list ideas 





Mostly A's:

You're Black Coffee: hardworking, honest, and extremely straightforward. Your friends always turn to you when they want the hard truth because you never sugar coat anything. Sometimes your bluntness comes on a little strong, but your close friends know it's just because you're fiercely loyal. 

Mostly B's 

You're a Frappachino:  sweet, stylish, and fun. You're the life of the party and the queen of your friend group. Your friends can always count on you for extra sprinkles, good advice, and the latest fashion tips. 

Mostly C's

You're a Pumpkin Spiced Latte: comforting, optimistic, and totally laid back. You have a natural warmth and know how to brighten your BFFs' day when they're feeling stressed. You never miss an opportunity to instagram brunch and always know the best shows on Netflix. 

Mostly D's 

You're an expresso: motivated, adventurous, and smart. Because you're always on the move, you're the first one to plan an adventure and also the last one to leave the office. Because you're basically a walking definition of #hustle, your friends rely on your book recommendations just as much as your presence at happy hour! 


September 16, 2015 by Evelyn Henson