Quiz: What to Gift your BFFs for the Holidays

Quiz: What Should you Gift your BFFs this Year?!


1. It's a Saturday afternoon, you and your BFF(s) are most likely to be found...

A. Cheers-ing with your pumpkin spiced lattes at Starbucks.

B. Plotting your Saturday night plans over pedicures. 

C. Brunch followed by a funny movie. 

D. Exploring somewhere new. Last weekend it was hiking, this weekend it's the flea markets! 

2. Usually when she texts you it's.....

A. To recommend a new book or blog

B. To keep you posted on the latest gossip.

C.  To send a funny meme to cure a case of the Monday Blues. 

D. To invite you to attend 

3. Which famous duo best represents your friendship? 

A. Rachel and Monica from Friends

B. Serena and Blair from Gossip Girl 

C. Tina Fey and Amy Poehler 

D. Thelma and Louise 

4. If your friendship was a Taylor Swift song it would be...

A. 22

B. The Best Day 

C. Shake it Off

D. Welcome to New York

5. The best way to cheer your BFF up on a bad day is to...

A. Bring her coffee (all of the coffee).

B. Talk it over at a happy hour. 

C. Binge watch a sitcom like The Office or Parks and Rec.

D. Try out a new yoga class together #namaste

6. If Essie named a nail polish after your friendship, it would be called...

A. Expresso Yourself

B. Bling it on

C. Laugh out Loud 

D. Plan Adventures

7.  OMG---you scored two tickets to a One Direction Concert! You and your BFF can be found...

A. Dancing and singing along in the crowd. 

B. Snapchatting e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g. 

C. Holding up crazy posters. 

D. Sneaking backstage to score autographs. 

8. It's movie night! You both agree to watch... 

A. The Notebook

B. Clueless 

C. Miss Congeniality 

D. Harry Potter

9. For Halloween next year, you're planning to dress up as

A. Your favorite Starbucks drinks 

B.  Taylor Swift & Selena Gomez

C. The Dancing Emojis

D. Mario & Luigi  

10. Your unspoken friendship motto is...

A. "Coffee before Talkie"

B. "Every hour is a happy hour" 

C. "Laughter is the best medicine" 

D. "Eat well, travel often" 






Mostly A's...

You and your bestie are super chill---- with the exception of one thing: you have a serious case of OCD (obsessive coffee disorder). Coffee gets you, just like she does! You love catching up over your favorite cup and Starbucks makes more appearances in her snapchats than you do. Thank her for all the times she's listened to you by gifting her one of these mugs. It's the best way to celebrate your mutual obsession for coffee (and each other!)

Mostly B's...

Your friendship motto is "every hour is a happy hour!" You're both bubbly, bright, and love to celebrate. Since you're both the life of the party, this bar cart print has her name written all over it. Something wild like this should also do the trick! 

Mostly C's...

She's the girl you can always count on to make you laugh. Funny and super loyal, this kind of bestie deserves a special treat. Send her a note of thanks for always being there for you AND make her laugh with a cheeky journal. After all, how else will she be able to keep up with the latest sales for you?! 

Mostly D's...

Okay, crazies! Since you both love adventuring together, one of these map prints will be right up your BFF's alley. It's perfect for remembering that spontaneous road trip or study abroad. If you want to make it super sentimental, you can even design your own map here



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Quiz: What Kind of Coffee are You?!

what kind of coffee are you? take the quiz at evelynhenson.com

Quiz: What Kind of Coffee are You?! 

1. Which of the following best fits your life mantra? 

A. "Focus on what matters"

B. "Celebrate the little things"

C. "Kindness is free" 

D. "Good things come to those who hustle" 

2. If you could be a guest on any reality TV show, it would be...

A. Shark Tank

B. The Hills (or anything where you could be BFFs with Lauren Conrad and Co.) 

C. Anything on Food Network

D. Survivor

3. Mani/pedi time! You ask for...

A. A french manicure for something simple and low maintenance.

B. A trendy Fall hue that compliments your wardrobe.

C. A classic and dependable shade of red.

D. Gel nails because they last the longest and you don't have time for chips! 

4. Which TV character do you most relate with? 

A. Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl: you don't put up with stupidity and always put your best foot forward. 

B. Mindy from The Mindy Project: you're fun, fashionable, and always know the latest trends. 

C. Charlotte from Sex and the City: brunch with your BFFs is usually the highlight of your week!

D. Olivia Pope from Scandal: you specialize in crisis management for all your BFFs and are never intimidated by a challenge. 

5. If you could snap your fingers and be anywhere, you'd....

A. Breathe in the fresh mountainous air at Big Sky, Montana

B. Pop bubbly off the Eiffel Tower 

C. Call your BFF and set sail towards your favorite beach 

D. Grab your passport and hop on the most wild African Safari 

6. Your favorite part of Fall is....

A. The cooler weather (perfect for enjoying hot beverages) 

B. Halloween parties (any excuse to wear a costume!) 

C. Football Tailgates (good food with good people) 

D. Haunted Houses (anything for an adrenaline rush) 

7. When it comes to ice cream, you prefer

A. Vanilla 

B. Cookie Dough

C. Mint Chocolate Chip 

D. Dark Chocolate 

8. On Pinterest, you're most likely to pin..

A. Life hacks 

B. Fashion inspiration

C. Cute puppy photos

D. Bucket list ideas 





Mostly A's:

You're Black Coffee: hardworking, honest, and extremely straightforward. Your friends always turn to you when they want the hard truth because you never sugar coat anything. Sometimes your bluntness comes on a little strong, but your close friends know it's just because you're fiercely loyal. 

Mostly B's 

You're a Frappachino:  sweet, stylish, and fun. You're the life of the party and the queen of your friend group. Your friends can always count on you for extra sprinkles, good advice, and the latest fashion tips. 

Mostly C's

You're a Pumpkin Spiced Latte: comforting, optimistic, and totally laid back. You have a natural warmth and know how to brighten your BFFs' day when they're feeling stressed. You never miss an opportunity to instagram brunch and always know the best shows on Netflix. 

Mostly D's 

You're an expresso: motivated, adventurous, and smart. Because you're always on the move, you're the first one to plan an adventure and also the last one to leave the office. Because you're basically a walking definition of #hustle, your friends rely on your book recommendations just as much as your presence at happy hour! 


September 16, 2015 by Evelyn Henson

Quiz: Find your Sole-mate!

Who's your sole-mate!? Take the quiz at evelynhenson.com

1. Which reality show are you most likely to star in? 

A. The Bachelor

B. Survivor

C. Say Yes to the Dress  


2. Which emoji best describes you? 

A.  The crown emoji

B. The hand raise emoji

C. The heart emoji


3. OMG! You get to perform at this year's Grammys! Who's your duet partner? 

A. Madonna

B. Beyonce

C. Taylor Swift


4. Essie called. They want to name a nail polish after you! The name you decide on is...

A. Drama Queen

B. Passport to Happy

C. Chic Happens


5. You're headed to the zoo. What animal are you most excited to see? 

A. Giraffes

B. Monkeys

C. Flamingos 


6. Pick a super power: 

A. Reading minds

B. Flying

C. Invisibility 


7. Which BFFs would you most like to be friends with?  

A. Any of the Kardashian sisters

B. Taylor Swift and Karlie Kloss

C. Amy Poehler and Tina Fey



Mostly A's...

You're a stiletto: confident, always in style, and (okay) maybe a little dramatic. 


Mostly B's...

You're a neon colored tennis shoe: bright, full of energy, and always up for adventure. 


Mostly C's...

You're a chic ballet flat: full of style and grace, and the ultimate BFF. 


August 17, 2015 by Evelyn Henson
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Quiz: Find your Dream Vacation!

Take the quiz at evelynhenson.com



1. Yikes! You're stuck in traffic. To pass the time you...

A. Stress out and check traffic reports 

B. Roll down the windows and blast the radio

C. Reapply makeup

D. Snapchat your friends


2. What's most important to you when it comes to a vacation? 

A. Getting to relax

B. Anywhere with adventure

C. There should be as many places to shop as explore

D. Good food and good drinks 


3. You've had a super stressful week at work/school, how do you deal? 

A. A good night's sleep

B. A bike ride or run in the park

C. A pedicure with your BFF

D. Happy hour with friends


4. Your BFF is visiting you! What do you do for dinner? 

A. Mexican for the margaritas 

B. Tapas so you can try out an assortment of dishes

C. You go to a cooking class where you make fancy appetizers and macarons! 

D. A late sushi dinner followed by drinks 


5. A genie grants you one wish. You wish for...

A. A day at the spa

B. A trip to the top of Mount Everest 

C. A shopping spree

D. Tickets to party it up with your favorite band


6. Which movie are you most likely to watch? 

A. The Holiday

B. Wild

C.  The Sound of Music

D. Mean Girls


7. Which faux paux offends you? 

A. Not tipping at a restaurant 

B. Driving under the speed limit

C. White after labor day

D. Running out of drinks at a party



Mostly A's...

You're destined to chill out by the ocean. A quick trip to the Bahamas will bring you all the peace and relaxation you've been seeking. 


Mostly B's...

Adventure is calling in the form of skydiving, skiing, and paragliding in Interlaken, Switzerland! 


Mostly C's...

Macarons, Chanel, and Monet are all awaiting your arrival in Paris, France! This frequently traveled city will be the perfect place for a girly girl like you to explore. 


Mostly D's...

A wild child like you deserves a trip to one of the party capitals of the world. Grab your passport and hop on the next plane to Ibiza, Spain! 

July 27, 2015 by Evelyn Henson

Quiz: How do you Sparkle?

Take the quiz at evelynhenson.com


1. It's movie night! You want to watch...

A. An action filled adventure like The Hunger Games

B. A female led comedy like Pitch Perfect

C. A classic like Breakfast at Tiffany's

D. The latest documentary on Netflix


2. Your ultimate birthday celebration includes...

A. A trip to the theme park

B. A surprise party hosted by your family and friends

C. A relaxing spa day

D. Tickets to a city you've never been


3. Which #EvelynHenson print best fits your personality? 

A. Spark Trouble

B. Throw kindness like confetti 

C. Take a stand

D. The Reading List


4. What's your favorite time of the year? 

A. Making resolutions on New Years Eve

B. Summer beach trips with family

C. Picking flowers in the Spring

D. When the leaves change in the Fall


5. What color best matches your personality? 

A. A bold orange

B. A sweet shade of pink

C. The chicest white

D. A simple navy


6. Which TV character are you? 

A. Blair Waldorf

B. Leslie Knope

C. Charlotte York

D. Rory Gilmore


7. While browsing Pinterest, you're most likely to re-pin...

A. Inspirational quotes

B. A cute puppy photo so you can show all your friends

C. A put together fashion look you can't wait to mimic

D. A list of books to add to your reading list 


8. Which movie star would you want to play you in a movie? 

A. Angelina Jolie

B. Reese Witherspoon

C. Kerry Washington

D.  Tina Fey


9. If you were a candy you'd be...

A. Sour Patch Kids 

B. Sweethearts

C. A box of chocolate

D. Smarties


10. You're most likely to make an entrance...

A. By striking up an interesting conversation

B. With your a warm smile

C. With your confident demeanor 

D. By sharing a funny joke



Mostly A's...

You're all about gumption. You aren't afraid to take chances and have confidence in your dreams. 


Mostly B's...

You're all about heart. Your friends love you for your kind and friendly spirit.


Mostly C's...

You're all about poise. You treat all situations with grace and style. 


Mostly D's...

You're all about wit and wisdom. You value learning and are loved by your BFFs for your curiousity. 

June 29, 2015 by Evelyn Henson
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Quiz: Who is your Spirit Animal?

Take the quiz at evelynhenson.com


1. It's game night! You want to play...

A. Scrabble (it's the one game you never lose)

B. Mario Kart because you and Peach are prepared to conquer every course

C. Poker so you can win some money $$$

D. Charades (you enjoy the spotlight)


2. If you could live in any time period you'd choose

A. The Renaissance...you'd never pass up the chance to work alongside Michelangelo, Shakespeare, & Galileo 

B. Only the Jurassic Age would have enough adventure for you

C. Ancient Greece for the opportunity to be in the early Olympic games

D. The 80's so you can party alongside Madonna


3. On a rainy day, your go to activity is..

A. Baking a cake for your BFF 

B. Exploring a new local coffee shop with a friend

C. Sweating it out in spin class 

D. Watching a reality TV marathon while online shopping


4. Which saying best fits your personality? 

A. Throw kindness like confetti

B. Be an adventurer

C. Hustle

D. Too pretty to work


5. If you could be hang out with any celebrity, you'd....

A. Hang out with Kerry Washington on the set of Scandal

B. Team up with Hayden Panettiere to save the dolphins

C. Kick the soccer ball with Mia Hamm

D. Shake it off with Taylor Swift


6. It's Halloween! Your favorite part of trick or treating is...

A. Giving out candy

B. The Haunted Houses

C. Winning the costume contest

D. Hosting your annual Halloween party 


7. You're running late! What's your one can't-leave-the-house-without-it beauty essential?!

A. A swipe of mascara 

B. A spritz of dry shampoo 

C. Your tinted SPF foundation 

D. Your favorite red lipstick


8. When one of your BFFs has had a bad day, you're most likely to...

A. Send flowers and a sweet card

B. Take her on a road trip

C. Get her moving by offering to go running with her

D. Bring her Starbucks and start a netflix marathon 


9. Which symbol appeals to you the most...

A. Your sorority letters

B. Any international flag 

C. The logo of your favorite sports team

D. Every emoji


10. You're on a plane and Oprah sits next to you. You...

A. Buy her a drink (or two!)

B. Have her autograph your passport

C. Ask her a million questions about how she became so successful

D. Snap a selfie



Mostly A's...

You're a total elephant queen who's motto is work hard, play hard. You're the first to raise your hand in class, but also the first to raise your glass for a toast. You get as many straight A's as you do party invitations. You excel at leading and helping others, and your BFFs value your kind heart and ability to strike up a conversation with anyone. 


Mostly B's...

Hello, miss adventure! You camels aren't afraid to walk on the wild side and never turn down a dare. Your friends love you for your sense of adventure and sassy style. While you'd love to stylishly step on the coast of every continent, you also know home is where the heart is. Plus, you're the kind of girl who's always there for her BFFs. 


Mostly C's...

Spot on! You're a fashionably fierce cheetah who always goes the extra mile. Your motto is go big or go home, and you always give everything 110%! Your friends think of you as their competitive but fiercely loyal pal, who will always run to their rescue when they need support.


Mostly D's...

Save the drama for your llama, girlfriend! As your BFFs' favorite drama queen, you always have a story to tell and never leave the house without your phone. Not only do you keep your friends up to date on the latest celebrity gossip, parties, and shopping sales, but you never fail to make them laugh. You're the life of the party! 

May 13, 2015 by Evelyn Henson