DIY Valentines Day Card Designs

#brightlydecoratedlife | www.evelynhenson.com
#brightlydecoratedlife | www.evelynhenson.com
#brightlydecoratedlife | www.evelynhenson.com
With Valentines Day is just around the corner, you should celebrate each day leading up to it by passing out valentines proudly and often. Get started by using the guides above to create your own cards. All you need is a variety of pink & beige copic markers (available at most art supplies + craft stores), a black micron illustration pen (available at most craft + office stores), and a white sakura pen  (available at most craft + office stores). When you're done, pair your finished creations with hot pink envelopes and homemade cookies for an extra special (and delicious) touch! 
January 28, 2016 by Evelyn Henson

DIY Anemone Painting

Anemone Painting DIY with Evelyn Henson #behindthepalette // www.evelynhenson.com


Anemone Painting DIY with Evelyn Henson #behindthepalette // www.evelynhenson.com



PAINTSDeep midnight blue, bluegrass green (any emerald color), peony pink, wisteria (purple), baby blue, desert turquoise, black, & white

BRUSHES: I recommend starting with a small /8--1/2 in. angeled brush. Buy a nice one and slowly add to your collection! If you're unsure, get a pack and experiment with a bunch of different brushes! 

CANVAS: Any stretched canvas will do! I used an 11 x 14. You can easily pick one up for under $10 at a nearby craft store. 


Note/Disclaimer: paintings sold in the shop are completed with higher quality paints. Craft acrylics are used in tutorials to keep them budget friendly. However, if you're looking to paint more seriously, I am a big fan of the brands Golden and Liquitex  (around $8.00-$12.00ish per paint tube depending on the size).


Anemone Painting DIY with Evelyn Henson #behindthepalette // www.evelynhenson.com


Above is an easy way to approach a mason jar. Just paint 2-3 horizontal lines, two lower case L's, and a narrow oval. Then connect them with two vertical lines. 


Anemone Painting DIY with Evelyn Henson #behindthepalette // www.evelynhenson.com


1. Add a few lines in your vase to represent stems. I never stress about details here and love making the vases really abstract! I usually paint in colors as I go along. 

2. Add in a foreground color as a table. Be sure to add some of the color to the bottom part of your vase. 

3. Paint purple shapes to start your anemones. Paint circles if you want them to be fully blossomed and facing the viewer, and paint triangles for any that you want to be facing another direction. 

4. Fill in the background with light blue, making sure to add color in the vase as well.  

5. Add a shadow in a slightly deeper emerald (mix emerald + black) than the foreground. 

6. Add thick, assymmetrical white borders to the anemone shapes as petals, leaving a purple center. 


Anemone Painting DIY with Evelyn Henson #behindthepalette // www.evelynhenson.com


1. Take a blue/purple hue and blend the white petals with the purple center. Think messy ombre! Add some of this hue to the vase as well. 

2. Loosely paint imperfect green foilage arround the anemones.

3. Add in turquoise foilage as well. 

4. Add pink details to the bouquet and vase. I dotted on berry-like dots in a few places. 

5. Leaving hints of purple showing through, brush on navy circles to the center of your anemones. Rather than painting perfect circles, make them assymmetrical with spikey, rough edges. 

6. Add navy spots around your circles to complete your anemone bouquet.

7. Finish with whatever details you see fit. Add in extra foilage if it looks unbalanced, or switch in new colors----have fun with it! 


Anemone Painting DIY with Evelyn Henson #behindthepalette // www.evelynhenson.com 


Now hang and  share it with @evelyn_henson #brightlydecoratedlife on instagram! I'd LOVE to see your results and hear what you think we should paint next!



DIY Frame Mats

DIY Mat Boards #behindthepalette www.evelynhenson.com 

DIY Mat Boards #behindthepalette www.evelynhenson.com 

DIY Mat Boards #behindthepalette www.evelynhenson.com 

DIY Mat Boards #behindthepalette www.evelynhenson.com 

DIY Mat Boards #behindthepalette www.evelynhenson.com 


For anyone who's ever asked me about framing recs., this post is for you!

If you follow on instagram, you may have noticed I have a new obsession: painted frame mat boards (evidence above). This is certainly no new idea, but I thought I'd share the details for all in need of a little framing inspiration. They're beyond easy to create and (more importantly) add a pop of color to gallery walls everywhere. 


What to buy:

Acrylic craft paint 


A cheap frame with a removable mat (I'm almost positive I used THIS one!)


How to: 

1. Just decide on your colors and/or patterns, and paint away. Drying time is about 10-15 minutes. I went with solid colors for mine, but I also did a leopard print (just spot black circles onto a tan color). 

Other patterns on my "to paint" list include: 

macaron pattern (perfect if you have THIS macarons print!)

watermelon pattern  (because, who cares if summer is almost over?!) 

2. Frame your art and share on instagram with the #brightlydecoratedlife hashtag  



Peonies DIY

#behindthepalette DIY www.evelynhenson.com 

#behindthepalette DIY www.evelynhenson.com 

Peony DIY #Behindthepalette www.evelynhenson.com



(Note: I do these tutorials with craft acrylics to keep them cheap and easy for the everyday girl. However, if you're a serious/aspiring painter who is looking to start a large paint collection, grab Liquitex or Goldens paints instead (those are my current favorites, anyway). The color saturation/intensity is worth every penny.)


#behindthepalette peony diy www.evelynhenson.comSTEP 1....
Use the emerald paint to sketch out a square for the vase.

 photo PhotoJun1321609PM_zps9352bc52.jpg

STEP 2....
Use the light pink paint to add 4-5 assymmetrical circles. Strive for imperfection with these! 

 photo PhotoJun1321804PM_zpsdb7d0697.jpg

STEP 3....
Use the coral paint to dabble an outline along the edges of each peony. Then alternate between adding coral to the centers of the flowers with coral (like I did the three in the middle!) and adding a line down the center (I did this to the outer two). By mixing it up, your bouquet will have both budding and fully blossomed peonies.

 photo PhotoJun1321942PM_zpsc1ffdc5a.jpg

STEP 4....
Grab the sea glass color and fill in the top half of the background! Also add this color to the inside of the vase. 

 photo PhotoJun1322155PM_zpsca3215d9.jpg

STEP 5....
Fill in the bottom half with a citrus/lime green.

 photo PhotoJun1322333PM_zps2405a93d.jpg

STEP 6....
Apply citrus paint to the vase for stems. Use the brush to sweep across a few diagonal and vertical lines. I'm all about an abstract vase, and usually just go off of my intuition than reality, which is way more fun.

 photo PhotoJun1322351PM_zps5c338069.jpg

STEP 7....
Pick up the dark green and repeat step 6. 

 photo PhotoJun1322452PM_zps2ba9a3df.jpg

STEP 8....
Paint a dark green shadow in front of the vase. I do this in a few quick, messy strokes. 

 photo PhotoJun1322508PM_zps6337be4b.jpg

STEP 9....
Add in dark green leaf elements. Be creative with where you paint them depending on where your peonies ended up on your canvas. I usually add leaves and twigs where I think balance is needed.

 photo PhotoJun1322629PM_zpsdfd9c536.jpg

STEP 10.... 
Pick up the peony pink to add the final touches to the flowers. Roughly outline the two outer peony buds. Then, dabble in a few spots in the centers of the full-bloom peonies. 

 photo PhotoJun1324116PM_zpse03d1cad.jpg

STEP 11....
Add hints of peony pink to the vase. 

 photo PhotoJun1324201PM_zpsc61a9a18.jpg

STEP 12 (final step)
Add in a few swatches of light pink to the vase. 

 photo PhotoJun1324221PM_zpse264ddf2.jpg

You're done! Feel free to add in other colors to put your own spin on it. I usually add more pinks to my in-shop florals, but, for DIY's, I try to keep them simple. If you want to share your work with me, snap on instagram and use the #brightlydecoratedlife hashtag.