Happy February! 

I hope you have had a great year so far. First things first---if you want my free monthly wallpaper download alongside this journal post delivered to your inbox, sign up here. You'll only get the email once a month and will not be spammed with anything else :) 

Onto the really fun stuff---new arrivals! I've added a lot of new work to my website that I'm excited to share.... 

1. Milestone Cards
Inspired by friends about to become first time mommas, I have been painting whimsical animal scenes with milestone cards for little ones in mind. I hope this gift helps capture moments big and small. You can photograph the baby with each card and write a little note on the back to mark each moment. Each card set comes with white envelopes so these can be preserved as a lifelong keepsake as well! 

2. Wrapping Paper Patterns:
After launching a small number of these just before the holidays, I decided to add more prints to this collection that could be gifted year round. I'm most excited to keep this fun one on hand. Don't see what you're looking for? Send a message here so I can keep it in mind! 

3. Valentines
In addition to creating a few new standard 5x7 folded cards, I also created a couple 5x5 square Valentines that are printed with "to" & "from" on the back for easy gifting. This one  paired with gummi bears or swedish fish would be cute for kids, and, for your galentines, this one goes perfectly with a candle. And, of course, this is a must for the dog lovers. 

3. New Ceramic Mug Designs
Added a few new ceramic mug designs to get in the Spring spirit. I hope they help you live like it's Spring! (even when it's freezing out!)

Have a great month! xx