The ABC Animals Series


Now that a month has passed, I have decided to finally release my ABC Animal Series (originally set to launch in March). I started putting this together last Fall after thinking about it for quite some time. I'm always most inspired by the people in my life, and now that I'm starting to see more of my friends get pregnant, I've started thinking more about baby shower gifts for them. Having painted so many animals over the years (and also having meticulously scanned in each one to my computer), I knew I already had most of the art I would need to create an animal ABC design. The iguana, newt, owl, quail, urchin, viper, x-ray fish, and yak were the only animals I needed to paint to put the print together. It turned out so cute that I turned it into a matching book and coloring book too so that there would be gift options at every price point! Links to all things ABC Animals are below: