With Thanksgiving a few days away, I wanted to take a minute to let you know how THANKFUL I am for your support. Whether you've been following along my art journey since I was little (Hi family members!) or just found my work on Instagram last week (Thanks for following!), I'm so appreciative of every bit of encouragement I've received.

A bit of backstory-----though I've always loved art, I never in a million years thought I would be working as an artist. Growing up, I was always doodling in notebooks and was also obsessive about my handwriting. I was even asked to stay after class once in 3rd grade because I had made tiny handwriting a classroom trend and the teacher couldn't read what I was writing anymore. In high school, I spent most of my free time designing patterns on the Microsoft Paint program (if you didn't grow up in the 90's, just imagine a really old & cheap version of Photoshop). I would use the patterns in my school study guides, presentations, cards for friends, etc. I loved "pattern designing" so much, that I would invent names for my future imaginary stationery stores. I'm not joking when I say that I set some of these names as my computer passwords and still use some of them to this day! Still, I was very focused on academics and it never crossed my mind that art was even a real career option. 

When I got to college, I stopped having time for all the pattern-designing and never had the confidence to pursue the studio art degree (like tears after class not confident enough). So, I wound up double majoring in Art History and Communication Studies (both of which I loved). Other than my Art History classes, I had completely stopped making time for art. Then, the summer before my senior year, my two friends gave me a box of cheap craft paints they didn't want before they moved out. I took one look at all the pretty colors and decided to try painting flowers for Mothers Day (insta-proof of my first flowers here). I honestly haven't put down the paintbrush since. Nothing I was painting was ANY good, but I was surrounded by so much love and encouragement that I never would have noticed.

I started selling my work the following summer on Etsy (May 2013) and haven't looked back since. It started mostly as a distraction, but I'm so beyond grateful it was more successful than my post grad job search, because that was truly going nowhere and this is way more fun! So thank you for following along and making this opportunity possible! There aren't enough words (or colors!) in the world to express my gratitude. I hope my work brings you the same joy it has brought me. 


Thank you and happy Thanksgiving! XX


November 21, 2016 — Evelyn Henson