Update + Free Downloads


In the midst of this challenging and overwhelming season, I have been unsure how to navigate the uncertainty both personally and professionally. Currently, I am doing my part to social distance and hope you are all doing the same. Though my studio is closed, online orders are currently continuing to ship as usual. If I can address any of your concerns, you can always reach me via email. 

Since October, I have been working on a new "ABC animals" series that featured an art print, book, and coloring book, all set to launch around now. In light of recent events, I am changing my plans with that a bit. My goal as an artist is always to fill your homes with sunshine and I know we all need extra sunshine right now. However, I don't have it in my heart to promote a new product at this time. So, instead of adding this new series to my website, I have instead decided to offer ALL coloring books (including a preview of the new "ABC animals") as free downloads for a limited time. I'm a big believer that small things matter and I know this is one tiny thing I can do for the families with kids home from school. 

I'll be continuing to think of more accessible, easy ways to bring color and creativity to homes with kids at home during this chaotic, confusing, and scary season. Below you can download the coloring books and also be inspired by a few other ideas I had. 


1. Coloring Book Downloads

All of my coloring books are now available as free downloads so you can print them from home. Click each link to download: 

The ABC Animals Coloring Book (coming soon) | The Icecream Coloring Book  The EHappiness Coloring Book 


2. Confetti Hearts Scavenger Hunt 

Print this confetti hearts sheet (available as stickers here) and create a "confetti hearts" scavenger hunt by hiding the heart cut outs around your home. 


3. Check in Notes 

Write notes to your neighbors with your phone number and ask them to call you if they need help.  


Stay safe and sending prayers everyone's way,