In this time of hurt and mayhem, I feel strongly about creating art that promotes equality, love, and justice. As I've paid closer attention this week and listened to the voices of black females, it breaks my heart to hear stories about how some children are growing up believing they don’t matter because of the color of their skin. Black lives ABSOLUTELY matter and I pray we take steps towards a world where everyone believes that. Mark 12:31 asks that we love our neighbors as ourselves and part of that love is standing up for my neighbors who have experienced racism and felt hurt by it. I understand that I will never understand what that feels like, but I do know that hate can feel the loudest when those who care about you choose to stay silent. If you follow my art and have experienced racism, know that I am with you and I support you and I will be educating myself on the best ways to help moving forward. As I stated in my journal entry about the confetti hearts wall here

While we cannot control much in the world (where we're born, what we're good at, or who we love), we can control how much love we give to it. Let's give more love to our neighbors; even when it's messy and dripping with imperfection and shortcomings. As you walk through life (and hopefully by this mural), I hope my confetti hearts serve as a visual reminder that the world is brighter when we consider, respect, and love each other.

Because these conversations can start in the home, I have created a collection of digital prints you can purchase. 100% of the proceeds from these will be donated to Black Girls Code, an organization devoted to showing the world that black girls can code, and do so much more.

You can purchase the art benefitting Black Girls Code for a limited time here

Praying that we all begin listening, learning, and speaking up,