Paint a Wish Class 5
I just wrapped up the 5th Paint-a-Wish class last night and it was the most ele-fancy yet! After 4 classes in a row of flower painting, I switched it up and decided to teach these colorful elephants. Teaching a new subject can be intimidating (you never know how well your instructions will be received and understood), but I'm thrilled with how great everyone's artwork turned out! Aren't these just the happiest elephants you've ever seen?! I might like these better then the flowers (emphasis on might).
To everyone who has attended a class so far----I get so much joy watching all your different paintings come to life. Thanks so much for attending and supporting this event. You've helped raise $5,000+ (and counting!) in proceeds that will benefit Make-a-Wish CWNC. 
Click here for more information on Paint-a-Wish classes. The next one will be in September!  For everyone who has asked, I'm only doing these on a monthly basis in CLT at this time; however, if you live far away, I do have ideas on how to get you involved at some point in the future.
August 03, 2016 by Evelyn Henson