5 Reasons to Keep a Journal

Evelyn Henson Journal

Evelyn Henson Journal

Evelyn Henson Journal

Evelyn Henson Journal


Because if Taylor Swift keeps a diary then we all should be journaling too..right? If you're on board with that logic, there are NEW journals (available here). If you need more convincing, here are 5 proven benefits. 



1. Sets you up to experience more joy each day

Setting aside a few minutes each morning to write down an intention for the day can give your day more purpose. I always feel more joyful when I write down a quote or verse to guide me throughout the day; it's something you can use to anchor you so you don't get too wrapped up in the everyday craziness. A short, 5 minute daily devotional like this book or this app can be great starting places for this practice. 


2. Shows you how far you come

No matter what your daily wins are, journaling can help you to pause and celebrate how far you've come. Instead of feeling stressed or disappointed that you haven't met a certain goal yet, celebrate how much progress you're making each day. These lined pages are ready to be filled with every little victory! For example....

  • Early to work this morning? Think back to the days you couldn't even get to the building without google maps and write down how thankful you are for that small bit of progress. 
  • Finally flip the perfect pancake? Don't forget that there was once a time in your life you didn't know how to turn the stove on so this is a win to be proud of! 
  • Hit your goal of reading a book a month? Write down your favorite quotes and moments to reflect on everything you learned.  

When you write down the little wins (and missteps) along the way, it makes the big wins that much more special.  


3. Cultivates gratitude 

Journaling always prompts me to see the myriad of WONDERFULNESS within my everyday (and this always translates to my art later). I stop to remember how great that sandwich at lunch was and how happy I was to hear from a friend. When I write these little moments down, I recognize how much goodness filled my day and then (even better) start appreciating more of these moments in the days that follow. 


4. Clears your mind and helps you destress 

Journaling will Marie Kondo your mind! Just like cleaning your home, it can be helpful to organize your thoughts and feelings. By writing them down, you can get rid of what doesn't matter and focus on what's most important. In my own life, I've found this to be especially beneficial at night when my mind is still racing. Journaling just a few thoughts down and creating a game plan for the next day always helps me sleep better. 


5. Allows you to grow from daily reflection 

Taking time to be introspective and reflect on each day so you can heal, grow, and improve as a person is invaluable. Here are a couple journal prompts to consider as a starting point: 

  • What was the high and what the my low? 
  • Has there been a mistake you can learn from? 
  • What is something small you are grateful for? 
  • How can you make someone else's day better tomorrow?
  • More journal prompt ideas can be found here and here

Happy journaling and if you need something to write in, START HERE to see the new 4 journals just added to the site.