NEW: beach towels!

evelyn henson
In case you missed it, BEACH TOWELS became available a couple weeks ago and they're SO FUN! 
To be honest, beach towels are not something that have ever been on my radar as a product I should create. I've just never even thought about it. But, after moving into a new apartment complex and realizing I didn't have a towel to bring to the pool, I decided to just make myself one for fun. After my friend Garland saw it and loved it, I designed the "sip, sip, hooray!" elephant towel as her birthday gift (because she loves elephants). It turned out so well that I decided to make a couple more designs. I think I created around 8-10 different towel designs before creating "floatally the best" and "vacation flamingoals." I've said this before, but ALL my best ideas/designs start out as gifts and this is just another example of how true that is. Here's to hoping the next birthday I need a gift for inspires something just as fun!