Happy 2022!

I just returned from visiting my family in Georgia where I uncovered old art journals and gems like these. I hope you have enjoyed your holiday season and have found time to relax this week. My favorite part of the new year is starting a new calendar--which means I have a free download for you! As someone with a penchant for organization and all the matching things, I have decided this year's free downloads must match this new desk calendar with the hopes that it will bring us all a cohesive, organized, and bright 2022! To get the download, make sure you are signed up the receive this journal post via email here. You will receive a free wallpaper right before each month starts. 

In the fogginess of the confusing time between Christmas and New Year, I actually almost completely dropped the ball onwriting this. And, really, I've found myself struggling to keep up with emails, instagram posts, stories, and all the things lately (and I'm not even on tik tok!). After much thought, I'll mostly be slowing down with social media things a bit this year and am only planning to send this one email a month (except in the rare event of a sale!). That said, I hope you'll keep your eyes peeled for this very exciting once a month email so I can get your free wallpaper & let me fill you in on what's new and all the important behind the scenes happenings.

Speaking of behind the scenes, I've been painting milestone cards for all the moms to be and hope to have those available by the first week of February. I have all the art and am finalizing the printing/paper details at the moment. So if you are in need of a cute baby shower gift sometime soon, keep that in mind! You might also see details for custom home murals like this and potentially some wallpaper as well this Spring/Summer. If there are any products you'd like to see this year, feel free to email or send me a DM on instagram. I would love to hear what you'd be most excited about!

As always, thanks for following along! xx