EHappenings: First ever studio space

evelyn henson art
Evelyn Henson Art
In a turn of majorly exciting events, I recently moved into my very own studio space and I couldn't be happier about it! For the past four years, I've worked out of various one bedroom apartments. Since I wasn't storing inventory in house and illustrating doesn't make a huge mess, this was totally doable....until it just wasn't. Working from home can be such a challenge, and I really just found myself hitting a wall creatively. I was uninspired, unproductive, and was having a hard time finding joy in my work because it was always staring at me in the face. 
So, I started working out of coffee shops more, and began looking around for small studio spaces nearby. After a year, I had almost given up hope when I stumbled upon the perfect spot on Craigslist----close to my apartment, good lighting, and just the right amount of space! I moved in the first week of October and have probably painted more in the last month than I did all summer (maybe even all year). 
I snapped the photos above on move in day. I still have some boxes I need to get rid of, but I'll definitely share more photos here with you soon! If you live in Charlotte or nearby and want to come visit, send me an email to set up a time. Keep in mind that I do have limited inventory here, but I do have discontinued prints you can purchase on sale as well as binders filled with original sketches available for purchase.