Dreaming of: a Confetti Wall Series

Since painting the confetti hearts wall and the confetti stripes wall, I can't help but look at blank spaces and think about what I would paint on them. I want to leave a trail of confetti walls through CLT/wherever I go! Public art is so important; especially when combined with messages about love and kindness. I'm really not actively seeking mural projects right now as 2 in a year feels like a lot (to me anyway), but I hope to do at least one more eventually. I appreciate getting feedback on things I'm working on, so if you have any thoughts on the below, email evelyn@evelynhenson.com or send @evelyn_henson a message on instagram. 



When I was first creating concepts for what became the confetti hearts wall, I started with a circular confetti version that I would still love to bring to life. You can see some of the first mural sketches I painted here. I was inspired by the phrase "throw love like confetti" so I know I'd want to tie this in somewhere into the series. I'm not sure what colors should be here yet and am thinking about scaling down the size of the circles as well....

Evelyn Henson Murals www.evelynhenson.com


I think this one would be really fitting for a retail area with a stationery and/or gifts store. Since I could write, one of my favorite things has been to give notes to people. One of my greatest joys in the middle school to high school era was leaving doodles/letters in friends' lockers to brighten their day. Whether it was a ladybug doodle or a cute quote, I've always enjoyed drawing something intended to make someone smile. I think there are a lot of people who relate to my love of giving/receiving notes and this wall feels like that times 10000! 

Evelyn Henson


I have always been obsessed with the wildly colorful Mexican Otomi textiles. There would be so many ways to do the colors with this to make it match the surrounding area--thinking somewhere with a Mexican restaurant would be most fitting. See if you can find the "te amo" heart that brings it back to the "throw love like confetti" message. I would prefer to do this first colorful one, but wouldn't mind doing a solid color version if that fit the space better. 

Evelyn Henson Murals

Evelyn Henson Murals

I have also been thinking about.....

  • a #confettiUSAwall, but haven't created a fully developed idea in my mind for that one... yet ;) I don't want to do stripes again so I've been playing around with different ideas for that! 
  • a #confettiSPOTSwall -- something leopard/cheetah print inspired that I think would go well near a clothing boutique. Maybe it's neutral spots that would be like the real life animal spots or maybe it's more colorful...
  • a #confettiSPRINKLESwall -- rectangular confetti's that mimic sprinkles. Really wanting to put this by a donut shop and have it mimic a donut. 

Thanks for following my art and happy weekend!