Now that you've hopefully! had a chance to look at my latest art series for Fall | Winter 16, I thought it was time to share my inspiration and thought process behind the designs. The new collection contains 29 different art print designs that you'll also see available as phone cases, mugs, etc. Instead of creating a general collection of what's inspiring me in the moment, I intentionally divided this series up into two distinct Fall and Winter sections. You'll notice that each part takes place in a different, seasonally inspired "brightly decorated life" destination: "Beleaf in Yourself" Park and "Stand Tall" Mountain Resort. I then created special "brightly decorated life" prints to represent each (see the Fall Edition Print here and the Winter Edition Print here) that were inspired by the New Yorker Covers. I wanted these pieces to serve as a framework for each section, so that you as the viewer could be transported to each destination as you viewed the pieces. The BEST part is that details from ALL the illustrations can each in some way be found in their respective locations!


"Beleaf in Yourself" Park features some of the happiest and best parts of Fall: the colorful mix of flowers and changing leaves, that bookish back to school feeling, and coffee (lots of coffee). You can see "Beleaf in Yourself" Park from a distance here and also see the layout in this free downloadable map guide! As mentioned, a fun detail that might be overlooked by the average art viewer is that each illustration from the Fall section can be found somewhere in the park. I won't point all of them out but if you look closely at the Fall Edition Print, you'll see little things like a girl carrying this art palette,  this giraffe peeking out from random places, and these flowers available at an outdoor market stand!


"Stand Tall" Mountain Resort represents my own little version of Winter: a world where we turn snow into snowcones, where flamingos socialize beside igloos, and penguins serve donuts from pink trucks. You can see "Stand Tall" Mountain Resort from a distance here and also see the layout in this free downloadable map guide! Just as we discussed with Fall section, The Winter Edition Print includes details from the prints in its respective section. For example, you'll notice things like the snow cones from this print can be sampled in a shop at the bottom of the mountain, and that these girls are actually waiting in line for donuts! 

Those are the only hidden details I'll reveal for now, but please enjoy exploring the new designs----I hope that they inspire you to live a brightly decorated life throughout each season! XX

October 12, 2016 — Evelyn Henson