We all have friends who believe that life is a party, and that every day should be celebrated and filled with music and confetti.

Here are 4 gifts, each paired with a card, for those friends who are always up for a celebration.

The "Happy Hour" Fine Art Print, paired with the Champagne Delivery Card

Happy hour is every party person's favorite hour. And a delivery of champagne can only ameliorate that. Let's face it: There is no better way to celebrate than a glass of bubbly.

Stop & Drink the Rose Phone Case, paired with the Rose Time Card

Every party person follows the motto, "Rosé All Day." With a glass of rosé in one hand and iPhone (patterned with pretty rosé bottles) in the other, you can illustrate that very moment with the Rose Time Card.

Sip, Sip, Hooray Beach Towel, paired with Flock Yeah Card

For those friends whose favorite parties are by the pool, what better gift to give them than a towel decorated with cocktails and elephants? The poolside is also the  perfect place to sip out of a flamingo straw, so why not get your by-the-pool drink on your card?

The "Pizza Delivery (Extra Love)" Fine Art Print, paired with All The Cake Card

What's a party without pizza and cake? No good party didn't ever not serve these foods, so pizza and cake should be on the menu for every celebration.

October 05, 2018 — Colby Alvino