3 Ways to Enhance your Weeknight Routine

According to Siri, the forecast shows a 100% chance of coziness thanks to the new fleece blankets available on the site! Each blanket features the softest sherpa backing on one side and a whimsical floral print on the other. I thoughtfully created every print by combining various original gouache, acrylic, and watercolor paintings together. 

My goal with the blankets was to bring more sunshine into your home---especially now that we're in the season of shorter daylight hours. If you struggle with the lack of sunshine this time of year, here are a few ways to switch up your weeknight routine so that life feels brighter!


 1. Pour a cup of peppermint tea or hot chocolate into a favorite mug


2. Grab your favorite blanket and get cozy


3. Unwind with a journal or a favorite book