When Monday rolls around each week, there is no denying that the weekend is officially over.

Do you get a weekly case of the Mondays? Here are three mugs to help you get through those dreadful Monday mornings.

Coffee is my Solemate

The minute my alarm goes off Monday morning, the first thing I crave is a freshly-brewed, hot cup of coffee. Why not enjoy your first of many coffees for the week in a mug that speaks the truth: Coffee is every person's soulmate, especially during a busy week.

I Avocan't Even

Let's be real: Can anyone "even" on Monday mornings? This slice of avocado toast feels for you when you don't know how to function at the beginning of the week.

Toucan Do It!

And for those of you who just need that little extra push to get motivated for the week ahead: Yes, you can do it. This toucan of encouragement is sure to brighten up your Monday morning, bringing you positive energy for the rest of your week.

September 25, 2018 — Colby Alvino