Framing Advice with Evelyn Henson
Framing Advice with Evelyn Henson
Framing Advice with Evelyn Henson
Finding the Perfect Frame with Evelyn Henson

As both an artist and a self proclaimed art history nerd (I can claim that title if it was my major in college, right?), nothing makes me happier than being surrounded by art. When it comes to decorating, I believe the right piece of art can not only change your mood, but also bring original style and personality to your space. I generally determine a painting's value based on how much it makes me smile, and always seek to create and surround myself with bright and joyful pieces. That, and the fact that I'm also an artist, means I have a ton of art that seems to endlessly rotate around in my tiny apartment. It's a simple way to breathe new life into a space! 

While I'm not a professional framer, I get asked about framing multiple times a day, and thought it would be helpful to compile a list of resources for everyone. My experience as an artist (and art collector!) has taught me a lot about framing, specifically how choosing a high quality frame can greatly enhance the value of a painting. I'm all for shopping on a budget, but, once you've purchased your hard-earned money on art, you have to make sure the frame does the investment justice. If you frame your art in something unflattering and cheap looking, this will minimize the art's value and you'll only wind up replacing it anyways. Still, frames can be pricey, and there are an overwhelming amount of options. To help you out, I've outlined all my best tips, tricks, and finds below: 




  • Keep it simple. Neutrals will be the most timeless and won't take anything away from the piece. Every now and then a colored mat is a fun and welcomed addition though!
  • Choose frames in similar color families and details. 
  • When in doubt, add a mat. Larger mats look better with smaller pieces and vice versa. I also love floating original illustrations onto a mat and then framing. 


  • First, always start by calling or visiting somewhere local! I think the best option is always a small framer that will take the time to talk to you about your style and what you're looking for. 
  • Simply Framed 
  • Framed & Matted
  • Framebridge   





    I currently have all my fine art prints professionally french matted and framed in black wood frames (images shown in each product listing). So if you are ordering from my online shop and love the black frame look, you can just select "add a frame" at check out to simplify the entire process because we can do that for you! 


    I always get asked about the thick gold frame featured on my instagram. That specific frame I took from my parents' basement, but I sourced a TON of similar ones for you. This one is my favorite and is probably the closest to what I have. 

    The ones like this (that I frequently instagram and am asked about) are bought in bulk. If you're like me and have a lot of art to frame, you can stock up on those frames here (I also pair mine with these mats)! If you just need one, all of the ones below are similar and actually look better than the ones I have. I like this polished silver look the best

    I linked to a few frame sets because white looks cleanest in multiple matching styles. They're all pretty similar, but I'd maybe get these and work from there! 

    This is a really trendy way to frame art right now. The only downside to getting these is that the trend might not last very long, so I wouldn't get more than one to start. I have this one, but wish I had seen these first! 

    ANYWAY, I hope this helps some of you get started with the framing process. I promise to continue updating you on any future framing finds and discoveries. Until then, once you get your art hung, please tag @evelyn_henson and/or #evelynhenson on instagram so I can see! I'm so inspired by how others display art and would love for you to share with me. 





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    May 11, 2017 by Evelyn Henson

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