cold mornings are for hot chocolate with extra marshmellows! (C)
Cold mornings are for hot chocolate with extra marshmellows...sometimes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner (kidding, kind of). Seriously though, when life gives you cold weather, make hot chocolate. Below are 10 hot chocolate recipes you absolutely have to try! Once you've whipped up a recipe (or two, or all!), share on instagram with the #brightlydecoratedlife hashtag. Sip sip hooray to chocolate every day of the season! 



1. The world's best hot chocolate (according to Buzzfeed & pastry chef Jacques Torres) 

2. Spicy hot chocolate mocha

3. Salted Peanut butter hot chocolate 

4. Nutella hot chocolate

5. Pumpkin spice white hot chocolate

6. Peppermint hot chocolate

7. Red velvet hot chocolate 

8. Frozen hot chocolate

9. Raspberry hot chocolate 

10. Double caramel hot chocolate

Cheers! XX


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December 09, 2015 by Evelyn Henson

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