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1. "Study gallery walls and take note of what you like about them. Things like the art mediums, colors, frames, spacing, mats are all helpful to consider when making decisions on the art and the arrangement of the gallery." -- Homey Oh My

2. "Map it out. Before putting the hammer to the wall, mark the borders of the frames with tape to ensure proper spacing. (Side note: Maps themselves also make great frame fillers." --Vogue

3. "Use a  bright piece of art as an anchor" -- Pop Sugar 

4. "Anchor your favorite-or biggest-few pieces in the center, and then slowly work in other artwork around them. Tip: Keep a few inches between the pieces as you hang them—it's all about organized chaos." --West Elm 

5. "Vary the sizes and orientation of the art. You need both horizontal, vertical, and, if you can, square, to make it feel balanced...if you see pieces that you like but are oddly shaped or sized, don't skip those. That is a very good thing. And while you want big pieces to anchor, smaller pieces are really nice to fill in and keep your eye bouncing around." -- Emily Henderson

6. "Display a mixture of artwork. Perhaps it's vintage movie poster, a color landscape photograph, a black and white squiggle, and an abstract acrylic painting. You can use all printed art pieces in your gallery wall, or you can display multiple mediums, such as a watercolor, a lithograph, and a painting. Mixing mediums, color and black and white, and high and low will give your wall more dimension. In all cases, the gallery wall is your opportunity to make a statement about who you are and what you like. So showcase what you truly love, and the distinct perspective of you will come through!" -- My Domaine

7. "Have just the right amount of cohesion and difference. A set of uniform art pieces can absolutely look stunning. But taking it to the next sophistication level can happen when you choose a mix of art pieces that have just the perfect balance of similarities and differences." --Apartment Therapy

8. "Leave an even amount of space between each piece of art. According to Nayak, two to four inches on all sides should work. The size of frames vs. the size of wall will play a factor in the amount of space between each one. Her spacing rule of thumb: The larger the frame, the larger the space should be; the smaller the frame, the smaller the space should be." --Glamour

9. "Taper off at the edges/bulge at the center. You want to arrange your pieces so that they kind of coalesce at the middle. This will help define the area and make it feel like one entity." --Erika Brechtel

10. "Keep evolving. My favorite thing about gallery walls? They’re so easy to switch up! By adding or subtracting one or two pieces, you can create an entirely new mood." --Apartment 34



Happy hanging! XX

August 12, 2015 by Evelyn Henson

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