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A FAQ on my instagram is what paint I'm using, and I totally get that buying art supplies can sometimes be overwhelming. There are soooo many options these days that it's hard to know when to splurge and when to save. When it comes to paint, I say experiment with as many brands as possible----both the pricier ones and cheaper ones. When you use them together, you'll realize they're higher priced for a reason and the quality will show in your work. Still, it varies from color to color and it's really best to try them out. I usually splurge on specific pink or blue shades, but stick to a cheap jar of white and black. While in past I've shopped by color and experimented with various brands, I've slowly but surely started a paint collection that's almost exclusively Liquitex (with Goldens coming in a close second). They have basic colors that sell pretty cheaply if you're just beginning to paint, but my personal favorites are the heavy body acrylics. They paint on smoothly and the colors are to die for. I highly recommend picking up a small thing of it to test out and add to your collection! 



PS--- I recommend purchasing from Jerry's or Blick's for the best prices. Yes, it's hard to buy paint online because you can't always see what you're getting, but it's usually a lot cheaper than in store. 

November 24, 2014 by Evelyn Henson