The Decorating Sketchbook // Coffee Table Essentials by Evelyn Henson // #behindthepalette

Confession: my coffee table is a disaster. Which is tragic because it's very beautifully made. I just can't seem to keep off the clutter. And when things get messy it's sometimes best to just draw it out. Once I clear off the papers, old magazines, and drinking glasses, I'll be keeping it just to these "necessities."

1. Coffee table books for height. This and this are two I've currently got my eye on.

2. Accessories.... I'm thinking I'll need a pretty gold paperweight to keep loose papers in check and a magnifying glass for fun. 

3. Patterned candles and sassy matchboxes 

4. Coasters. I've got a stack of Monet coasters already, but if I ever need new ones I think agate coasters are so pretty. 

5. Flowers, obviously. Does anyone have recommendations for favorites/kinds that stay alive the longest?!  

6. A catch all tray for all the random items that pile up like glasses, nail polish, etc. 


What essentials are on your coffee table?!