The Decorating Sketchbook by Evelyn Henson #behindthepalette ///

Growing up, I always listed a canopy bed on the top of my Christmas list (that and a cat!). The canopy bed never came, but it never completely left my radar. Still, it was obvious I had gotten too old for the ruffly pink canopy I had always envisioned. Just when I thought I outgrew my dream bed, I stumbled upon THIS beautiful bedroom [insert heart eyes emoji]. Who knew such a chic canopy even existed?! Given the apartment I recently moved into has huge windows, a canopy bed like this would make my room a fabulously comfy place to sleep and keep out unwanted light. While I'm not in need of a new bed, I might pursue a canopy-inspired look using one of these ideas. I just have to find the perfect curtains (and someone to install it...)! In the meantime, I suppose this illustrated version will have to do. 

What do canopy or not to canopy?!

Happppy decorating! 



September Entryway

August Living Room