Artist Crush: Helen Frankenthaler //
Artist Crush: Helen Frankenthaler //
Artist Crush: Helen Frankenthaler //


Given my love of color, it shouldn't be that shocking that I have a thing for abstract art. If I were to pick a decade to live in based on art, I'd pick the 1950's Abstract Expressionism in a heartbeat. The De Koonings, Rothko, Newman, and my current favorite Helen Frankenthaler are all at the top of my dream dinner party guest list. Color moves me the most, so I'm always looking at new abstracts for inspiration. I've recently been admiring Helen Frankenthaler's dreamy application of color and shape. 

How does she apply paint so beautifully? Frankethaler's technique involves pouring pigment onto the floor and staining raw canvas. It's similar to the way fellow Abstract Expressionist Jackson Pollock poured paint, but, instead of enamel, Frankenthaler mixed turpentine with the paint for a watery wash. Read this article for more info. on her process. Mixing up the way I paint has been on my mind a lot recently, and a Helen Frankenthaler inspired wash is topping the list of new things to try!


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What artists are on your radar lately?! XX




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October 22, 2014 by Evelyn Henson