Hi friends! I've been "tagged" in a new blog series circulating the blogosphere called "Tour through Blogland."The purpose is to take you behind the scenes of my shop, but also introduce you people to new blog favorites! If you're familiar with the series, forgive me for my shortened version of it.....blogging was the first thing I fell behind on when I moved, whoops! Anyway, scroll down below to learn more about me and a few of my favorite reads. 


Who tagged me

My friend Simply Jessica Marie kindly invited me to join. She's a wedding planner and a fellow illustrator who I follow on instagram here. If you're looking for any kind of invitation, blog header, etc. definitely write her name down as a resource. I envy her cute and colorful fashion illustrations that are always so wonderfully put together and beautifully photographed. You can tell she loves planning weddings the way she illustrates because of the attention given to detail. 


What I'm working on

Let's see....I'm sort-of behind on my to do list and commissions right now. Moving will do that to you I guess! This week I've got a map illustration and landscape painting on my must-complete commission list. I'm also working on new flower still lifes to add to the shop. I picked up some wood panels and pastels at the local art store as a fun challenge. I usually work with acrylic on stretched canvas, but the wood panels I've worked on in the past look SO beautiful and glossy when varnished that I decided to do a small series. It historically hasn't been my favorite material to work with, but now that I've done a couple I'm getting used to it. I'm also planning to add small pastel details on top of the acrylic. I've really been wanting to push my simple still lifes to new levels. 

PS--- Order a commission for Christmas here. Spots are limited. 



How my work differs from others of it's genre

When I first started selling art, there really weren't that many high quality illustration prints on the market that were preppy, youthful, and bright. Everything in the shop came to being because it was something I wanted for myself but could never find. So I began illustrating and painting to fill the void on my walls (okay and I also needed a creative/stress release). I started drawing my own maps because the ones I saw on Pinterest lacked the vibrancy and joy I wanted my walls to have. Somewhere between map #1 and map #100, I came up with the colorful paint swatched background and it's stuck ever since! That's been the same story with all my prints---taking a simple concept and adding bright colors, whimsical details, and occassionally a cheeky phrase. As far as painting goes, flowers are a trickier market to stand out in just because there's soooo many flower paintings out there, but I like to think bot my bold, impressionistic brushwork paired with bright color combos. sets me apart. 



Why I create what I do

I love art, spreading joy through art, and fostering and inspiring creativity. I utilize art as a way to bring color and happiness to the mundane. Nothing makes my day more than being told my work makes someone happy----that's my ultimate goal! 


How does your process work? 

It really depends on what I'm doing. One of my sisters has referred to my process as "binge painting" and I think that's the best way to describe how I work. With the exception of commissions, I typically work on a bunch of the same thing at once. I've currently got 5 flowers in progress that I've been switching back and forth between. I like to stare at a bunch of bouquet photos and work the same flowers onto different pieces. I always start with photos to map out the composition, but after an hour I rely on my imagination and instinct. 

I'm the same way with maps, too. I usually create a bunch at once so I'm in "map mode." It's easier for me to stay on top of the research, proofing, and editing that way. My map process is down to a science at this point. I currently have a massive evernote list of cities with their respective attractions and a color scheme I think will work best. Some cities just have a certain feel to them, you know? For example, rainy Seattle felt very blue, but beautiful Savannah felt pink and green. When I'm starting new maps, I'll usually start by making 5-6 digital proofs. These are really just photo collages on my computer meant to guide my sketching. Once I've used the proofs to create sketches, I'll fill them in with color and ink. After that, I scan, edit, and proof, proof, proof! 

For the seasonal print series, I'm always taking note of any inspiration that strikes me, and all the phrases and objects that I think might make a great print are all listed in an Evernote notebook. That way, when I set aside time to illustrate, there's a lot to work with. I already have most of spring/summer 15' mapped out ;)



Who I'm tagging

Charm and Gumption (A shop that provides inspiration for bloggers and fearless creatives in the form of cute mugs, sassy prints, and more!) 

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Happy Monday! XX

October 13, 2014 by Evelyn Henson