Gallery Wall Tips from #behindthepalette

Pretty much the first thing I did when I moved into my new apartment (after hauling in boxes & furniture of course) was hang up art! It made the new space feel a little bit more like home. I took photos as I hung so I could share my process with you, and inspire you to create a gallery wall of your own! 


Gallery Wall Tips from #behindthepalette

First I'm going to share a quick video of my gallery wall hanging process. Absolutely no planning went into the wall behind the scenes. I think I hung everything in 10 minutes (maybe less). I'm not a numbers person so I just find it easier to guesstimate as I go along. If you're intimidated to just start nailing holes into your walls, don't worry----I'll share my best tips after the video.

Tips for Creating a Ten Minute Gallery Wall 

1. Use a variety of framesWhen I began hanging everything, I had about 15ish framed art prints to work with, all in various frame styles. When selecting frames, make an effort to play with different colors, styles, and sizes. It's much easier to mix and match when more options are on the table. If you need frames, read this post to see my favorites . I recommend aiming for 2-4 different frame types. You want enough variety so you can mix everything together, but it's also good to have a little repetition too. 

2. Use furniture or decor pieces as a starting point. You may have noticed that I hung everything around a lamp on a console. It made starting the wall so much easier and also gives the impression of a well thought out arrangement. If you don't have an object to work around, start off center and go from there. 

3. Leave the edges imperfect----you'll want to add on to it in the future. 

4. Keep the overall style cohesive. I used bright colors as a constant for mine. They're also all prints from my shop, so they all immediately share the same personality. Creating a cohesive look will make the wall more balanced. For example, if I replaced the London map print with a solid black print with white text, it would throw off the whole wall by taking too much focus. 

5. Before you grab the hammer, make a mark. I think the actual hammering of the nail is what intimidates most people, but it's not as difficult as Pinterest makes it out to be. Sure, you can use tape, paper, whatever guide you pinned (I think I even saw a tip one time that used toothpaste.....), or arrange them on the floor first. All I do though, is hold the nail under the frame (where it would lay when hanging) and gently scratch the wall with it once I find where I want it to go. Then you just hammer where the scratch is. It's certainly not foolproof, but it gets the job done. 

6. Be (somewhat) consistent with spacing. Try to keep the frames about 2ish inches apart (or a little bit wider than your i-phone). 


Happy gallery wall hanging! XX