#behindthepalette Evelyn Henson // www.evelynhenson.com



#behindthepalette Evelyn Henson // www.evelynhenson.com



1. This guide on how to create a corner gallery wall is awesome, especially for those who agree that you can never have too much art! 

2. Take notes: 50 Healthy Habits every Girl Should Have

3. S/O to my dad for sending me this article on The Golden Age of Design

4. If you're feeling crafty, check out 8 DIY Projects to spruce up your home & an Anemone bouquet painting tutorial

5. Style your chic abode for Fall using one of these interior-design approved color combinations!

6. This Fall I'm planning to mix and match as many animal print accessories I can, starting with this this ring, this print, & this sassy note set

7. Loving these home tours: Lauren Conrad's Penthouse  a cozy and colorful LA cottagethe Hunted Interior's Summer home, & Suzanne Vega's NYC apartment

8. Did you catch some of my favorite map commissions from 2014 ?! If you want your own, ordering information is here. Typically, commissions must be ordered at least 4-6 weeks in advance. So if you want to get one for Christmas hop on it! 

9. What do you think of this tassel decor trend? 

10. In case you missed it, 15 new city prints were added this week! Girl about Columbus was most excited to see a third Ohio city added....which cities will you be adding to your collection?!


Happy weekend! XX

September 26, 2014 by Evelyn Henson