Washi tape Gallery Wall #behindthepalette // www.evelynhenson.com
Lately, I've been on the constant lookout for new ways to showcase all the art I have lying around unhung. Since quality frames are often expensive (see my favorites here), I often let things pile up into a drawer. If you can relate to this bad habit of mine, you'll love this washi tape DIY----it's colorful, practical, and more than affordable.
Since no one likes bare walls (I mean, even Rocky was pumped about the transformation), a washi tape gallery wall is an easy way to create a happy, stylish look on budget. So, once you have a few art prints, photographs, or anything of that sort, all you need to find is washi tape
After scrolling through hundreds of less-than-stellar washi tape shops on google, I finally, finally, finally found the ultimate assortment of washi tapes at Cute Tape. I had a very specific color scheme in mind for this little project, and Cute Tape was the only shop I could find with all the colors I wanted (and then some). I knew I wanted hues that complemented the prints I would be hanging, so I eventually narrowed it down to a solid navy, striped pink, and turquoise
If what you're hanging is as colorful as these art prints, narrowing it down to 2-3 colors will keep the wall from getting too overwhelming. Here are a few suggested combinations: 


EVELYN'S PICKSsolid navy, striped pink, and turquoise
GO FOR GOLD: stripe gold tape, diagonal striped gold tape, and gold glitter tape
WALK ON THE WILD SIDE: giraffe, cheetah, and zebra print trio 
PREPSTER: colorful gingham trio 
NAUTICAL: solid navy paired with navy spots and navy stripes 
Once you have your tapes picked out and  a few things to hang, you're ready to  put this DIY into action. I arranged   all my prints on the floor first so I had a general idea of where  I would hang them. My original plan did shift around a little as I  placed  them onto the wall, so I recommend taping only the tops. That way, you can easily rearrange them if it ends up looking off balance. Don't worry,  your walls and prints will survive your indecisiveness! 
Washi tape Gallery Wall #behindthepalette // www.evelynhenson.com
Washi tape Gallery Wall #behindthepalette // www.evelynhenson.com
Washi tape Gallery Wall #behindthepalette // www.evelynhenson.com
Washi tape Gallery Wall #behindthepalette // www.evelynhenson.com
Washi tape Gallery Wall #behindthepalette // www.evelynhenson.com
Once you have every print perfectly in place, border the sides of each print with tape for a frame-like look. I used 3 rolls to hang up 9 art prints, and had a bunch left over for future projects ...okay, and everyday use ;) 
Share your progress and finished project with @evelyn_henson & @cutetape! We'd love to see your how you DIY your way to a gallery wall!