Artist Crush: Bernard Cathelin //
Artist Crush: Bernard Cathelin //
Artist Crush: Bernard Cathelin //

Bernard Cathelin

Nothing excites me more than stumbling upon a new favorite artist, especially when their work means bright colors and flowers. While I'm always pinning recent discoveries here, French painter Bernard Cathelin (1919-2004) is my current favorite find.

What I'm Loving

I'm really into contrasting bright flowers with dark tones like in the first one. I rarely pick up black, but the pink/black/ivory looks so classic and makes for an interesting color balance. I'd be more likely to paint something in the colors of the second and third. The window (with what I assume is a flower field in the background) in the second reminds me of Matisse. I used to dabble in flower field landscapes (example here), so this has inspired me to potentially combine the two! The texture in all three is also AMAZING. It's not quite rustic but it has a certain roughness that I'd like to implement in my own work. With the exception of recent drip shadows (see here), I usually avoid texture. Perhaps this is just the inspiration I needed!
Let me know if you have a favorite Cathelin piece in the comments.  

Enjoy! XX
September 22, 2014 by Evelyn Henson