1. So. many. new. arrivals! 

2. Loving this koi inspired artwork found here and here

3. Majorly obsessed with Prep Avenue. I mean, have you seen her dorm room?!! 

4. In case you missed it, lots of freebies were post this week: September Calendar wallpapers here, and Fall/Winter 14 inspired freebies here

5. Sort of freaking out over this ballon art by Oliver Gal. I don't quite know where I would hang it, but I can't get over how FUN it is. 

6. Come explore the #evelynhenson gallery favorites

7. While I've never felt to urge to paint a portrait, this round-up has me wanting to at least acquire one! Don't they just bring so much personality into those spaces?! 

8. Now that my Fall/Winter 2014 product launch has passed, I'm back to working on my map series! In the meantime, you'll find me gathering color inspiration here. Feel free to email city suggestions ;) 

9. Five tips for organizing your bedroom

10. #Wishlisted: This coffee table book (Solely for the cover...) 

11. Have you herd?! Animal print is in! 

12. How your home can cheer you up. (I especially agree with #2)


Enjoy your weekend!

September 05, 2014 by Evelyn Henson