(Art) Product I'm Loving: Palette Paper #behindthepalette // www.evelynhenson.com
(Art) Product I'm Loving: Palette Paper #behindthepalette // www.evelynhenson.com
If you follow on instagram, you may have noticed an influx of palette photos in the last month or so. Well, I recently switched from plastic and wooden palettes to palette paper and I am obsessed. First of all, I waste less paint when I use palette paper. Before, I found myself squeezing globs of paint that would get trapped into cracks of the palette's uneven surface. It's so nice to start fresh everyday on a smooth surface. 
Juxtaposing each palette with it's corresponding painting is kind of my new favorite thing. There's just a special spontaneity and freedom on palettes that I love. Palette paper allows me to effortlessly capture a beautiful array of colors as I paint. 
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September 10, 2014 by Evelyn Henson