If you've ever read the product descriptions for art prints, you've probably been wondering what "310 gsm rag paper" really means. (No, I didn't make it up) It's a legitimate super-fancy paper that I'm thrilled to say my work is printed on. As an artist, I only want my work printed on the good stuff (And you only deserve the best too)! As I hunted for the perfect paper in my early days in the art business, I ended up testing out quite a lot of paper, with rag paper being the best of them. Nothing beats the feel and vivid color on an art print

With rag paper, it was love at first print! However, since you can't feel the loveliness of the paper in person, I thought I'd share a quick explanation, just so you know the kind of quality you're getting before you purchase! Scroll down for a quick breakdown: 


Rag Paper

Rag paper is high quality fine art paper that's as smooth as it is luxuriously thick. In art language, it's paper made not directly from cotton, but from cotton and linen remnants. Since cotton is "ph neutral," the result is strong fibers with archival qualities. So yes, it's about as pretty as paper gets. Now, I guess you'll have to order a print (or two!) to see for yourself. 



GSM (Grams per square meter) is the weight of the paper. The more gsm's, the thicker the paper. To put it in perspective, a newspaper is about 45 gsm and the art prints in the shop are 310 gsm!! 


SHOP the paper goodness here to see for yourself! ;) 


August 27, 2014 by Evelyn Henson
Tags: rag paper