I'm posting a few recent map commissions today, hooray! Since maps are often commissioned as gifts, I obviously don't want to immediately post them on my blog for the world to see. And then before I know it months have gone by! While I'm going to make it a goal to start sharing at least one a month from now on, I figured with Christmas (kind of) around the corner, this would be a perfect time to round up some favorites from 2014. 

 If you've commissioned a map I'd really, really love if you sent me a photo of it! 

Keep reading to see a few favorite maps from the last 5-6ish months...


Evelyn Henson Map Illustrations www.evelynhenson.com


1. Patty's Peregrinations:

This 18 x 24 gem is filled with a mix of travel images (can you spot the Eiffel Tower?!) and personal memories. It's always a fun challenge to add in non-travel related  iconography. If you want to play a game of "I spy," here are a few images to search for: a pan of brownies, a red stallion high school mascot, a blue car, rabbits (three total), and footprints (to represent when and where all the family members were born). 


If you're wanting to commission something personal, get more info here


Evelyn Henson Map Illustrations www.evelynhenson.com

2. George and Carol's St. Louis:

I love illustrating maps with sentimental landmarks like this one! I have a map print of St. Louis, but this brings in their favorite, most memorable places. I had sort of forgotten about this map until now (I think I did this in March....told you I'm behind on sharing!) I just REALLY love the greens in this. My head is now spinning with what city print I could make using this color scheme.......(now taking suggestions in the comments!)

This is a pretty fabulous anniversary gift if I do say so myself (which I think was the occassion here!). In past, maps for anniversaries have also included where the couple met, first date, first house, etc. If you can dream it, I can draw it!  

Evelyn Henson Map Illustrations www.evelynhenson.com
3. Harrill Wedding:
Um, I LOVED doing this wedding map for my friend Julia. If you have a wedding coming up, contact me to request a map for your guests. I don't specialize in stationary printing, but I will send you a digital file for use in addition to the original. A win for both you and your guests! 

4. Shelby's Study Abroad Adventures

I usually don't play favorites, but with this preppy pink, green, and blue color scheme, I can't even help it. My second favorite part is the plane detail, which was the client's idea! If you're a study abroader, send your parents my commission info. You know, as your "welcome home" present ;) 


Evelyn Henson Map Commissions www.evelynhenson.com


5. Tennyson Travels

Nothing says family fun like Disney World, a margarita, and a sombrero! My favorite details are the Athens Acropolis (I usually don't draw it at an angle like that, but my inner art history nerd likes it so much better that way), the African safari (always my favorite part of any map), and the Furman belltower (obviously). 



6. Suzan & Tim's 35 Years of Adventure

Such an awesome gift for your parents. I was pretty excited to illustrate Antarctica for this since that's obviously a destination not often traveled. I made something similar for my parents last month. Since we've all traveled together and apart, I made the rule that both parents and a child (I'm one of five) had to be present for the city to make the cut. They loved it! 


COMMISSION YOUR OWN MAP HERE.  (orders must be placed at least 4-6 weeks in advance, so if you want to gift one for Christmas hop to it!) 




September 25, 2014 by Evelyn Henson