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Today I thought I'd share a little bit more about my painting commission process. Most of the details are available on my services page, but I thought it would be fun to discuss it in more detail! I wish I was better about sharing these, but I always seem to forget and/or don't want to share online because it's almost always a gift. Aaaand then the images get lost in my email archives.... (Note to self: always, always save to your computer)

While I'm largely a flower (and occassional elephant) painter, my most popular painting commissions are for dogs (!!!!), which is great because I'm a CRAZY dog person and can totally relate to why you would want a painting of your pup and why your obsessive about  ___________ (fill in the blank with your favorite thing about them). I get it----I painted aaaaall five of my family's dogs (see three of them here).

I love to capture their personalities, and prefer to paint them close up to zoom in on the character in the eyes, but I've also painted a few full body ones as well. Since I 100% understand your love for your dog, I know the littlest details make ALL the difference----- we'll work together to make it paw-fect

My current commission timeline (as of 6/1/14) is typically about 3-6 weeks, but it varies and depends on the scale. You can always email to check on my current schedule if you need something by a certain date. I start by asking for photographs and will send a few questions to get info. on subject, colors, etc. I compile "project notes" before invoicing you + adding you to my commission list. I'll usually let you know when I start, and will keep you as up to date on the progress as you'd like. I ALWAYS send a photo of the painting before mailing. If desired, you can make as many suggestions/revisions to the painting as you wish. I don't have a "revisions limit" in place and will work on the painting until it looks like your furry friend. 

Okay, I've scouted out recent favorites/the only ones I could find in my inbox, and am proud to introduce you to some of my latest studio pups: 

Evelyn Henson Art www.evelynhenson.com

Evelyn Henson Art www.evelynhenson.com

Evelyn Henson Art www.evelynhenson.com

Evelyn Henson Art www.evelynhenson.com

 I hope this gives you more insight into how commisions work. Though I've only shared dog comissions today, lambs/sheep are always popular for baby rooms/nursery gifts, and flowers seem to be perfect for recent brides (gift them a painting of their wedding bouquet)! If you're interested in commissioning but not sure what you want, view some of my "sold" work here for ideas. 

I'll be sharing a few recent map illustrations sometime soon as well, and am planning to start sharing some of these as I go along---probably via instagram

Current ordering info and what not is here on my services page. However, feel free to email me with any and all of your questions :)

 Happy weekend!



May 22, 2014 by Evelyn Henson
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